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Meet The Owner - Daniel

About 10 years ago I started reloading ammunition. After doing this for a couple years I realized that there were a lot of reloading equipment parts that would make it easier to reload that did not exist. Fast forward a few years and I purchased my first 3d printer. After printing a few models that I downloaded from the internet, I quickly realized that this was the technology that could bridge the reloading gap.


I had taken CAD training classes over the past years and had learned 2D CAD pretty well, so the transition into 3D modeling went pretty smoothly. I started designing reloading equipment parts to make it easier to reload, including RCBS and Hornady primer catchers and die parts. I then realized that these parts could also help others that have the same setup. I started slowly selling these reloading equipment parts on eBay to give other reloaders the option of having the same parts.

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